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Issue 10/2006     28. Sep. 2006
28. Sep. 2006
Pages: 751 - 823

Page 751, PubMed:17078271
Editorial: Obesity and periodontal disease
Bissada, Nabil F.
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Page 753-759, PubMed:17078272
A conservative approach for the management of a crown-root fracture
Grossmann, Yoav / Arauz-Dutari, Jose / Chogle, Sami M. / Blatz, Markus B. / Sadan, Avishai
Page 761-765, PubMed:17078273
Systemic diseases among patients with and without alveolar bone loss
Al-Emadi, Abdulla / Bissada, Nabil / Farah, Constantin / Siegel, Burton / Al-Zaharani, Mohammed
Page 767-771, PubMed:17078274
Correlation between maxillary central incisor form and face form in 4 racial groups
Varjao, Fabiana Mansur / Sualdini Nogueira, Sergio / Russi, Sergio / Arioli Filho, Joao Neudenir
Page 773-776, PubMed:17078275
Deep impacted mandibular second molar: A case report
Célio Mariano, Ronaldo / de Carvalho Freire Mariano, Lucia / Morais de Melo, Willian
Page 777-787, PubMed:17078276
Dental care of patients with autoimmune vesiculobullous diseases: Case reports and literature review
Fatahzadeh, Mahnaz / Radfar, Lida / Sirois, David A.
Page 788-791, PubMed:17078277
Nutrition & Oral Health: Changing dietary behavior
Lake, Amelia A.
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Page 793-802, PubMed:17078278
Efficacy of a computerized shade selection system in matching the shade of anterior metal-ceramic crowns - A pilot study
Raigrodski, Ariel J. / Chiche, Gerad J. / Aoshima, Hitoshi / Spiekerman, Charles F.
Page 803-809, PubMed:17078279
Voids and interlayer gaps in Class 1 posterior composite restorations: A comparison between a microlayer and a 2-layer technique
Samet, Nachum / Kwon, Kung-Rock / Good, Phoebe / Weber, Hans-Peter
Page 811-817, PubMed:17078280
Comparison of K hand files and ProFiles 0.06/0.04 in simulated curved root canals prepared by students
Steffen, Heike / Löw, Angela / Rosin, Michael / Welk, Alexander
Page 819-823, PubMed:17078281
Esthetic management of the upper labial frenum: A novel frenectomy technique
Bagga, Sukhchain / Mahalinga Bhat, K. / Subraya Bhat, G. / Thomas, Betsy S.