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Issue 9/2005     1. Sep. 2005
1. Sep. 2005
Pages: 667 - 748

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Page 671-678
Implant-supported prosthetic treatment in cases with hard- and soft-tissue defects
Holst, Stefan/Blatz, Markus B./Bergler, Michael/Wichmann, Manfred/Eitner, Stephan
Page 679-685
The effect of different desensitizing agents on initial demineralization of human root dentin
Gernhardt, Christian Ralf / Aschenbach, Kristin / Bekes, Katrin / Schaller, Hans-Günter
Page 687-694
Scanning electron microscopy examination of 3 different adhesive systems
de Cerqueria Luz, Maria Aparecida Alves/Arana-Chavez, Victor E./Netto, Narciso Garone
Page 695-701
Osteogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta: Associated disorders
Rios, Daniela/Falavinha Vieira, Ana Luiza/Andaló Tenuta, Livia Maria/de Andrade Moreira Machado, Maria Aparecida
Page 702-706
Trypan blue exclusion principle in the evaluation of fibroblast attachment in vitro using V79 cells on the conditioned root surface
Chandra, Rampalli Viswa/Bhat, Khandige Mahalinga/Jagetia, Ganesh Chandra
Page 711-719
Prognostic factors for cancer of the oral cavity
Prieto, Ignacio/Prieto, Antonio/Bravo, Manuel/Bascones, Antonio
Page 721-729
Evaluation of intracanal sealer distribution with 5 different obturation techniques
Hugh, Christopher L./Walton, Richard E./Facer, S. Ryan
Page 731-735
An evaluation of intraoral molar distalization with nickel-titanium coil springs
Öztürk, Yildiz/Firatli, Sonmez/Almac, Levent
Page 737-746
Restoring endodontically treated teeth with posts and cores - A review
Peroz, Ingrid/Blankenstein, Felix/Lange, Klaus Peter/Naumann, Michael
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