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Issue 5/2005     31. Mar. 2005
31. Mar. 2005
Pages: 327 - 403

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Page 329-338
Functional and esthetic rehabilitation in amelogenesis imperfecta with all-ceramic restorations: A case report
Kostoulas, Ioannis/Kourtis, Stefanos/Andritsakis, Demetrios/Doukoudakis, Asterios
Page 339-344
Antibacterial activity of different generation dentin-bonding systems
Baseren, Meserret/Yazici, A. Rüya/Özalp, Meral/Dayangac, Berrin
Page 345-353
Management of hypodontia: Orthodontic considerations (II)
Thind, Bikram S./Stirrups, David R./Forgie, Andrew H./Larmour, Colin J./Mossey, Peter A.
Page 355-360
Clinical performance of sealants with and without a bonding agent
Pinar, Arzu/Sepet, Elif/Aren, Gamze/Bölükbasi, Nilüfer/Ulukapi, Hasmet/Turan, Nurten
Page 361-364
Water flow in high-speed handpieces
Cavalcanti, Bruno Neves/Serairdarian, Paulo Isaías/Rode, Sigmar Mello
Page 365-372
Clinical performance of a packable resin composite for a period of 3 years
Türkün, L. Sebnem/Türkün, Murat/Özata, Ferit
Page 383-402
The medical oncology patient
Huber, Michaell A./Terezhalmy, Geza T.
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