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Issue 9/2004     1. Oct. 2004
1. Oct. 2004
Pages: 687 - 767

Page 687
Editorial: Quo Vadis: Part 2
Wilson, Thomas G.
Page 689-692
Resin composite restoration in primary anterior teeth using short-post technique and strip crowns: A case report
Mendes, Fausto Medeiros / de Benedetto, Monique Saveriano / Zardetto, Cristina Giovannetti del Conte / Wanderley, Marcia Turolla / Correa, Maria Salete Nahás Pires
Page 693-698
Safety and efficacy of a nightguard bleaching agent containing sodium fluoride and potassium nitrate
Browning, William D. / Chan, Daniel C. N. / Frazier, Kevin B. / Callan, Richard S. / Blalock, John S.
Page 706-716
New knowledge of the pathogenesis of periodontal disease
Bascones, Antonio / Gamonal, Jorge / Gomez, Maria / Silva, Augusto / Gonzalez, Miguel Angel
Page 723-727
Aspects of oral syphilis
Landes, Constantin A. / Kovács, Adorján F.
Page 728-730
Primary syphilis of oral mucosa: Case report of an unusual manifestation
Duarte, Eliza Carla Barroso / da Silva, Linaena Méricy / Naves, Marcelo Drummond / Carmo, Maria Auxiliadora Vieira do / de Aguiar, Maria Cássia Ferreira
Page 731-752
Oral lichen planus
Huber, Michaell A. / Bsoul, Samer A. / Terezhalmy, Geza T.
Page 753-757
An investigation of pH changes of various cements
Duymus, Zeynep Yesl
Page 766-767
Clinical Images in Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology
Terezhalmy, Geza T. / Moore, William S.
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