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Issue 8/2004     1. Sep. 2004
1. Sep. 2004
Pages: 597 - 675

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Page 597
Editorial: Quo Vadis
Wilson, Thomas G.
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Page 601-604
Reattachment of a fractured maxillary tooth: A case report
Say, Esra Can / Altundal, Hatice / Kaptan, Figen
Page 605-611
Influence of tooth-polishing pastes and sealants on DIAGNOdent values
Hosoya, Yumiko / Matsuzaka, Kenichi / Inoue, Takashi / Marshall Jr., Grayson W.
Page 612-616
In vitro study of fracture resistance of bovine roots using different intraradicular post systems
Mitsui, Fabio Hiroyuki Ogata / Marchi, Giselle Maria / Pimenta, Luiz André Freire / Ferraresi, Priscila Miucci
Page 617-620
Surgical and clinical management of a patient with Glanzmann thrombasthenia: A case report
Gomes, Mônica Fernandes / de Melo, Renata Marques / Plens, Glauco / Pontes, Elitânia Marinho / Silva, Marcelo Milone / da Rocha, João Carlos
Page 621-629
Treatment effects of chin cup appliance on mandible in Class III malocclusion: Strain tensor analysis. A pilot study
Liu, Pao-Hsin / Chang, Chih-Han / Chang, Hong-Po / Chang, Hsin-Fu
Page 630-634
Reduction of bacterial levels in dental unit waterlines
Porteous, Nuala B. / Cooley, Robert L.
Page 635-640
Reduction of salivary S aureus and mutans group streptococci by a preprocedural chlorhexidine rinse and maximal inhibitory dilutions of chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium
de Albuquerque Jr., Rubens F. / Head, Timothy W. / Mian, Henis / Rodrigo, André / Müller, Katia / Sanches, Karina / Ito, Izabel Yoko
Page 646-648
Nonidiopathic trigeminal neuralgia: Report of a case
Zachariades, Nicholas / Komis, Constantine / Papadakis, Demetrius / Skoura, Cornelia
Page 649-652
Sports dentistry: Buccal and salivary profile of a female soccer team
de Sant'Anna, Giselle Rodrigues / Simionato, Maria Regina Lorenzetti / Suzuki, Maria Elena Stama
Page 655-656
Nasal prosthesis rehabilitation: A case report
Gurbuz, Ayhan / Kalkan, Mustafa / Ozturk, A. Nilgun / Eskitascioglu, Gurcan
Page 657-667
Influence of fatigue loading on four post-and-core systems in maxillary premolars
Bolhuis, Peter / de Gee, Anton / Feilzer, Albert
Page 668-675
Glass-fiber frameworks for fixed partial dentures: Laser-interferometrical in vitro analysis
Göhring, Till N. / Zappini, Gianluca / Mayer, Jörg / Zehnder, Matthias