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Issue 6/2004     1. June 2004
1. June 2004
Pages: 429 - 502

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Page 429
Editorial: Toward the center
Wilson, Thomas G.
Page 431-436
Forced eruption of maxillary incisor teeth from the lingual side
Chaushu, Stella / Zahavi, Thomas / Becker, Adrian
Page 443-448
Comparative study of retentive anchor systems for overdentures
Svetlize, Carlos A. / Bodereau Jr., Enrique Fernández
Page 456-465
Ethics of esthetic dentistry
Liebler, Michael / Devigus, Alessandro / Randall, Ros C. / Burke, F. J. Trevor / Pallesen, Ulla / Cerutti, Antonio / Putignano, Angelo / Cauchie, Didier
Page 469-476
Effect of cavity disinfectants on the sealing ability of nonrinsing dentin-bonding resins
Türkün, Murat / Türkün, L. Sebnem / Kalender, Atakan
Page 482-502
The patient with an odontogenic infection
Dirks, Sarah J. / Terezhalmy, Geza T.