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Issue 4/2004     1. Apr. 2004
1. Apr. 2004
Pages: 261 - 331

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Page 261
Editorial: Advances in implant dentistry
Wilson, Thomas G.
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Page 263-268
Intracanal reinforcement fiber in pediatric dentistry: A case report
Rocha, Rachel de Oliveira / Neves, Lucimara Teixeira das / Marotti, Noely Regina / Wanderley, Marcia Turolla / Corrêa, Maria Salete Nahás Pires
Page 269-274
Comparison of laboratory and clinical wear rates of resin composites
Barkmeier, Wayne W. / Latta, Mark A. / Erickson, Robert L. / Lambrechts, Paul
Page 275-279
Antibacterial surface properties of polymerized single-bottle bonding agents: Part II
Slutzky, Hagay / Matalon, Shlomo / Weiss, Ervin Izhak
Page 281-286
Fracture resistance of teeth restored with indirect-composite and ceramic inlay systems
Soares, Carlos José / Martins, Luis Roberto Marcondes / Pfeifer, Jesuânia Maria Guardiero Azevedo / Giannini, Marcelo
Page 299-306
Effects of Incremental Curing on Contraction Stresses Associated with Various Resin Composite Buildups
Tachibana, Kana / Kuroe, Toshifumi / Tanino, Yukinoir / Satoh, Noriyuki / Ohata, Noboru / Sano, Hidehiko / Caputo, Angelo
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Page 307-311
Air entrapment in the cervicofacial region due to injury
Koumoura, Fanny / Papakosta, Veronica
Page 313-316
Infection-related inferior alveolar and mental nerve paresthesia: Case reports
Yeler, Hasan / Özeç, I·lker / Kiliç, Erdem
Page 317-320
Schizophrenia and dental management: Review of the literature
Yaltirik, Mehmet / Kocaelli, Humeyra / Yargic, Ilhan
Page 321-325
Bitewing film quality: A clinical comparison of the loop vs. holder techniques
Kositbowornchai, Suwadee / Phadannorg, Tipsuda / Permpoonsinsook, Montira / Thinkhamrop, Bandit