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Issue 10/2004     1. Nov. 2004
1. Nov. 2004
Pages: 775 - 852

Page 775
EDITORIAL: Positive transitions
Wilson, Thomas G.
Page 777-784
The effect of adhesive and flowable composite on postoperative sensitivity: 2-week results
Perdigão, Jorge / Anauate-Netto, Camillo / Carmo, André R. P. / Hodges, James S. / Cordeiro, Hiram J. D. / Lewgoy, Hugo R. / Dutra-Corrêa, Maristela / Castilhos, Natália / Amore, Ricardo
Page 785-789
Clinical evaluation of proximal contacts of Class II esthetic direct restorations
Prakki, Anuradha / Cilli, Renato / Saad, João Otávio Chalup / Rodrigues, José Roberto
Page 790-794
Microleakage of different resin composite types
Yazici, A. Rüya / Çelik, Çigdem / Ozgünaltay, Gül
Page 795-800
In vitro study of surface microhardness of a resin composite exposed to a quartz-halogen lamp
Coffey, Orla / Ray, Noel J. / Lynch, Christopher D. / Burke, Francis M. / Hannigan, Ailish
Page 801-807
In vitro influence of Carisolv on shear bond strength of dentin bonding agents
Erhardt, Maria Carolina Guilherme / Amaral, Cristiane Mariote / de Castro, Ana Karina Barbieri Bedran / Ambrosano, Gláucia Maria Bovi / Pimenta, Luiz André Freire
Page 808-810
Cemento-ossifying fibroma: A case report
Ertug, Esra / Meral, Gokce / Saysel, Mustafa
Page 811-814
Pre- and posttreatment analysis of clinical symptoms of patients with temporomandibular disorders
Babadag, Muzaffer / Sahn, Meltem / Görgün, Sebahat
Page 815-819
The prevalence of inflammatory and developmental
Bataineh, Anwar B. / Rawashdeh, Ma'amon A. / Qudah, Mansour A. Al
Page 826-834
Effects of different disinfectants on physical properties of four temporary soft denture-liner materials
Yilmaz, Handan / Aydin, Cemal / Bal, Bilge Turhan / Ocak, Figen
Page 845-852
In vitro comparison of dentin bonding systems: Effect of testing method and operator
Moll, Karlheinz / Fritzenschaft, Andreas / Haller, Bernd