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Issue 8/2003     1. Sep. 2003
1. Sep. 2003
Pages: 573 - 636

Editorial: Choosing Your Path
Wilson, Thomas G.
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Page 573-581
Implant therapy to improve quality of life
Att, Wael / Stappert, Christian
Page 582-586
Desquamative gingivitis: Early presenting symptom of mucocutaneous disease
Stoopler, Eric T. / Sollecito, Thomas P. / DeRossi, Scott S.
Page 587-593
Burning mouth (syndrome) disorder
Rhodus, Nelson L. / Carlson, Charles R. / Miller, Craig S.
Page 594-599
Clinical evaluation of Solitaire-2 restorations placed in United Kingdom general dental practices: 1-year report
Burke, F. J. Trevor / Crisp, Russell J. / Bell, Tracey J. / McDermott, Karen / Lamb, Jeff J. / Siddons, Chris / Weller, Brent / Balkenhol, Markus
Page 607-612
Comparison between balanced occlusion and canine guidance in complete denture wearers-A clinical, randomized trial
Peroz, Ingrid / Leuenberg, Ariane / Haustein, Ingrun / Lange, Klaus-Peter
Page 613-620
Developmental biology and building a tooth
Thesleff, Irma