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Issue 7/2003     1. July 2003
1. July 2003
Pages: 493 - 555

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Prognosis of Endodontically Treated Teeth?
Heffernan, Michael / Martin, William / Morton, Dean
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Page 497-503
Anaerobic microflora under Class I and Class II composite and amalgam restorations
Splieth, Christian / Bernhardt, Olaf / Heinrich, Annegret / Bernhardt, Hannelore / Meyer, Georg
Page 505-508
Effect of pre- and postoperative bleaching on marginal leakage of amalgam and composite restorations
Ulukapý, Hasmet / Benderlý, Yasemýn / Ulukapý, Isin
Page 509-514
Maxillary cyst associated with an invaginated tooth: A case report and literature review
Galindo-Moreno, Pablo A. / Parra-Vázquez, Maria J. / Sánchez-Fernández, Elena / Avila-Ortiz, Gustavo A.
Page 515-525
Dental management of patients with human immunodeficiency virus
Campo-Trapero, Julián / Cano-Sánchez, Jorge / Romero-Guerrero, Jorge del / Moreno-López, Luis A. / Cerero-Lapiedra, Rocío / Bascones-Martínez, Antonio
Page 526-533
Abfraction: 3D analysis by means of the finite element method
Geramy, Allahyar / Sharafoddin, Farahnaz
Page 534-536
Comparison of two methods for the removal of root canal posts
Chandler, Nicholas P. / Qualtrough, Alison J. E. / Purton, David G.
Page 537-541
Efficacy of anterior and middle superior alveolar (AMSA) anesthesia using a new injection system: The Wand
Fukayama, Haruhisa / Yoshikawa, Fumihiro / Kohase, Hikaru / Umino, Masahiro / Suzuki, Nagaaki
Page 548-555
Effect of primer solvent and curing mode on dentin shear bond strength and interface morphology
Velazquez, Elisa / Vaidyanathan, Jayalakshmi / Vaidyanathan, Tritala K. / Houpt, Milton / Shey, Zia / von Hagen, Stanley