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Issue 6/2003     1. June 2003
1. June 2003
Pages: 409 - 477

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Page 409-417
Diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of the cracked tooth syndrome
Geurtsen, Werner / Schwarze, Thomas / Günay, Huesamettin
Page 418-426
Clinical evaluation of different posterior resin composite materials: A 7-year report
Türkün, Lezize Sebnem / Aktener, Bekir Oguz / Ates, Mustafa
Page 427-434
Cervical dentin hypersensitivity. Part III: Resolution following occlusal equilibration
Coleman, Thomas A. / Grippo, John O. / Kinderknecht, Keith E.
Page 435-446
Tooth wear: Attrition, erosion, and abrasion
Litonjua, Luis A. / Andreana, Sebastiano / Bush, Peter J. / Cohen, Robert E.
Page 453-467
Herpes simplex type-1 virus infection
Huber, Michaell A. / Bsoul, Samer A. / Terezhalmy, Geza T.
Page 468-472
The effect of different exposure routines on the surface microhardness of a light-activated resin composite
Lynch, Christopher / Ray, Noel / Hagan, Louise / Burke, Francis
Page 473-477
Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of fluoride-releasing dental materials using a new in vitro method
Perez, Cesar R. / Hirata Jr., Raphael / Sérgio, Paulo P.