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Issue 9/2002     1. Oct. 2002
1. Oct. 2002
Pages: 645 - 705

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Page 645-655
Extended at-home bleaching of tetracycline-stained teeth with different concentrations of carbamide peroxide
Matis, Bruce A. / Wang, Yining / Jiang, Tao / Eckert, George J.
Page 656-660
All-ceramic restorations for complete-mouth rehabilitation in dentinogenesis imperfecta: A case report
Moundouri-Andritsakis, Heleni / Kourtis, Stephanos G. / Andritsakis, Demetrios P.
Page 670-672
Surgical management of overfilling of the root canal: A case report
Yaltirik, Mehmet / Ozbas, Hakan / Erisen, Raif
Page 675-678
Complete denture with a removable palatal lift prosthesis: A case report and clinical evaluation
Hongama, Seiko / Ishikawa, Masatoshi / Kawano, Fumiaki / Ichikawa, Tetsuo
Page 679-684
In vitro evaluation of the effect of a surfactant-containing experimental acid gel on sealant microleakage
Güngör, H. Cem / Altay, Nil / Batirbaygil, Yildiz / Ünlü, Nursen
Page 685-689
Influence of resin composite polymerization techniques on microleakage and microhardness
Amaral, Cristiane Mariote / de Castro, Ana Karina Barbieri Bedran / Pimenta, Luiz André Freire / Ambrosano, Gláucia Maria Boni
Page 700-705
Effects of aging on the dimensional stability of custom-made mouthguards
Waked, Emile J. / Lee, Thomas K. / Caputo, Angelo A.