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Issue 8/2002     1. Sep. 2002
1. Sep. 2002
Pages: 561 - 626

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Page 561-565
Controlled orthodontic extrusion to create gingival papilla: A case report
Francischone, Carlos Eduardo / Costa, Carina Gisele / Francischone, Ana Carolina / Ribeiro, Helcio Tadeu / Silva, Ronaldo José
Page 567-578
Comprehensive treatment concept in a young adult patient with severe periodontal disease: A case report
Hofer, Dominik / Hämmerle, Christoph Hans Franz / Lang, Niklaus P.
Page 589-594
Resistance to maxillary premolar fractures after restoration of Class II preparations with resin composite or ceromer
de Freitas, Cláudia Regina Buainain / Miranda, Maria Isabel Serra / de Andrade, Marcelo Ferrarezi / Flores, Victor Humberto Orbegoso / Vaz, Luís Geraldo / Guimarães, Norberto Catanzaro
Page 595-599
Effect of adhesives on bond strength of porcelain veneer to base metal alloy
Goharian, Reza / Maleknejad, Fatemeh / Salari, Taghi / Ghavamnasiri, Marjaneh / Derhami, Mohammad
Page 600-608
Histomorphometric analysis of dentinal bridge formation and pulpal inflammation
Kitasako, Yuichi / Murray, Peter E. / Tagami, Junji / Smith, Anthony J.
Page 609-612
Retrieval of a foreign object from the palatal root canal of a permanent maxillary first molar: A case report
Nadkarni, Ujwal M. / Munshi, Amita / Damle, Satyawan G. / Kalaskar, Ritesh R.
Page 613-617
The surgical removal of mandibular third molars: A study in decision making
Bataineh, Anwar B. / Albashaireh, Zakereyya S. / Hazza'a, Abdalla M.