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Issue 7/2002     1. July 2002
1. July 2002
Pages: 489 - 551

Editorial: The Divine Mr. M
Wilson, Thomas G.
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Page 496-502
Root instrumentation with an erbium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser: Effect on the morphology of fibroblasts
Rossa Jr., Carlos / Silvério, Karina G. / Zanin, Iriana C. J. / Brugnera Jr., Aldo / Sampaio, José Eduardo C.
Page 511-515
A clinical and cost-benefit evaluation of five facebows
Samet, Nachum / Smidt, Ami / Samet, Naama / Weiss, Ervin Izhak
Page 516-520
Management of tooth tissue loss from erosion
Yip, Hak-Kong / Smales, Roger J. / Kaidonis, John A.
Page 521-532
Oral candidosis
Sherman, Robert G. / Ravenel, Michele Carter
Page 533-535
Pseudomembranous candidosis in nephrotic syndrome: A case report
Prusinski, Leo / Ravenel, Michele Carter
Page 537-541
Colorimetric values of esthetic stainless steel crowns
Hosoya, Yumiko / Omachi, Koichi / Staninec, Michal