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Issue 3/2002     1. Mar. 2002
1. Mar. 2002
Pages: 174 - 239

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Page 181-184
Reattachment of an autogenous tooth fragment in a fracture with biologic width violation: A case report
Filho, Getulio da Rocha Nogueira / Machion, Luciana / Teixeira, Fabrício Batista / Pimenta, Luiz André Freire / Sallum, Enilson Antonio
Page 185-189
Five-year clinical performance of porcelain laminate veneers
Aristidis, Galiatsatos A. / Dimitra, Bergou
Page 190-194
Prevalence of interleukin 1 periodontal genotype in a Hispanic dental population
Caffesse, Raul G. / de LaRosa, Manuel R. / de LaRosa, Manuel G. / Mota, Luis F.
Page 205-212
Effect of cyclical lateral forces on microleakage in cervical resin composite restorations
Fruits, Terry J. / VanBrunt, Corbyn L. / Khajotia, Sharukh S. / Duncanson Jr., Manville G.
Page 213-224
Dental adhesion: Present state of the art and future perspectives
Lopes, Guilherme Carpena / Baratieri, Luiz Narciso / de Andrada, Mauro A. Caldeira / Vieira, Luiz Clóvis C.
Page 225-230
Prosthetic rehabilitation of extremely worn dentitions: Case reports
Cura, Cenk / Saraçoglu, Ahmet / Öztürk, Berran
Page 234-239
Direct immunofluorescence in oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid reactions
Raghu, Anekal R. / Nirmala, N. Rao / Sreekumaran, Nair