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Issue 2/2002     1. Feb. 2002
1. Feb. 2002
Pages: 95 - 159

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Page 95-100
Comparison of luting cements for minimally retentive crown preparations
Browning, William D. / Nelson, Stephen K. / Cibirka, Roman
Page 110-112
Oral piercing and gingival recession: Review of the literature and a case report
Dibart, Serge / de Feo, Paul / Surabian, George / Hart, Andrea
Page 113-135
Pulp-dentin biology in restorative dentistry. Part 7: The exposed pulp
Mjör, Ivar A. / Ferrari, Marco
Page 136-139
Microleakage of new all-in-one adhesive systems on dentinal and enamel margins
Pontes, Danielson Guedes / de Melo, Adriana Tavares / Monnerat, Antônio Fernando
Page 140-149
A comparison of strengths of five core and post-and-core systems
Möllersten, Lennart / Lockowandt, Paul / Lindén, Lars-Åke
Page 151-159
A clinical, microbiologic, and radiographic study of deep caries lesions after incomplete caries removal
Maltz, Marisa / de Oliveira, Elenara F. / Fontanella, Vânia / Bianchi, Rafael