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Issue 10/2002     1. Nov. 2002
1. Nov. 2002
Pages: 715 - 779

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Page 723-730
Porcelain-veneered computer-generated partial crowns
Denissen, Harry W. / El-Zohairy, Ahmed A. / van Waas, Marinus A. J. / Feilzer, Albert J.
Page 731-735
Preliminary evaluation of salivary pellicle on nickel-chromium alloy in vivo
Özden, A. Nehir / Haghighat, Nasser / Al-Hashimi, Ibtisam
Page 736-746
A review of esthetic pontic design options
Edelhoff, Daniel / Spiekermann, Hubertus / Yildirim, Murat
Page 747-755
An overview of esthetics with removable partial dentures
Beaumont Jr., Arthur John
Page 757-762
Holdaway measurement norms in Turkish adults
Saglam, Aynur Medine Sahin
Page 763-769
The effect of current-generation bonding systems on microleakage of resin composite restorations
Yazici, A. Rüya / Baseren, Meserret / Dayangaç, Berrin
Page 770-775
Bond strength of a resin composite to a polyacid-modified resin composite under different conditions
Benderli, Yasemin Gökçe / Koray, Fatma / Turan, Nurten
Page 776-779
Unilateral masseter muscle hypertrophy: A case report
Trujillo Jr., Roberto / Fontão, Flávia Noemy Gasparini Kiatake / de Sousa, Simone Maria Galvão