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Issue 9/2001     1. Oct. 2001
1. Oct. 2001
Pages: 671 - 745

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Page 671-690
The patient with hypertension
Riley, Catherine K. / Terezhalmy, Geza T.
Page 691-695
The prevalence of hypertension in a dental school patient population
Gordy, Frances M. / Jeune, Ronald C. Le / Copeland, Lynn B.
Page 711-715
Acid conditioning combined with single-component and two-component dentin bonding agents
Blomlöf, Johan / Cederlund, Andreas / Jonsson, Björn / Ohlson, Nils-Gunnar
Page 737-741
Clinicopathologic features of 54 cases of paradental cyst
de Sousa, Suzana Orsini Machado / Corrêa, Luciana / Deboni, Maria Cristina / de Araújo, Vera Cavalcanti
Page 743-745
Clinical treatment of ectodermal dysplasia: A case report
Abadi, Behruz / Herren, Chris