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Issue 8/2001     1. Sep. 2001
1. Sep. 2001
Pages: 593 - 662

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Page 593-601
Evaluation of the 1-year clinical performance of dentin-bonded ceramic crowns and four case reports
Burke, F. J. Trevor / Hussey, David L. / McCaughey, A. David
Page 603-610
Assessment of clinical preparations for single gold and ceramometal crowns
Poon, Belinda K. M. / Smales, Roger J.
Page 611-625
Pulp-dentin biology in restorative dentistry. Part 3: Pulpal inflammation and its sequelae
Heyeraas, Karin J. / Sveen, Odd B. / Mjör, Ivar A.
Page 629-632
Early periodical literature of dental radiology
Kowitz, Aletha A. / Loevy, Hannelore T.
Page 639-646
Premolar development in Greek children with cleft lip and palate
Mitsea, Anastasia G. / Spyropoulos, Meropi N.
Page 647-650
Anticariogenic effects of black tea (Camellia sinensis) in caries-prone rats
Touyz, Louis Z. G. / Amsel, Rhonda
Page 651-662
Camille B. Capdeboscq, Jr: The good teacher
Rule, James T. / Bebeau, Muriel J.