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Issue 7/2001     1. July 2001
1. July 2001
Pages: 504 - 577

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Remember When?
Nicholls, Jack
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Page 504-515
Guided bone regeneration using bone grafts and collagen membranes
Wang, Hom-Lay / Carroll, William J.
Page 517-520
Viability of magnetic denture retainers: A 3-year case report
Thean, Hilary P. Y. / Khor, Stephen K. L. / Loh, Poey-Ling
Page 552-560
Response of three types of cast posts and cores to static loading
Martínez-González, Amparo / Amigó-Borrás, Vicente / Fons-Font, Antonio / Selva-Otaolaurruchi, Eduardo / Labaig-Rueda, Carlos
Page 561-570
Remineralization across the resin-dentin interface: In vivo evaluation with nanoindentation measurements, EDS, and SEM
Akimoto, Naotake / Yokoyama, Gen / Ohmori, Kaoru / Suzuki, Shiro / Kohno, Atsushi / Cox, Charles F.
Page 571-577
Effect of fluoride gels on micromorphology of resin-modified glass-ionomer cements and polyacid-modified resin composites
Turssi, Cecilia Pedroso / de Magalhães, Cláudia Silami / Serra, Mônica Campos