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Issue 6/2001     1. June 2001
1. June 2001
Pages: 425 - 495

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Page 427-446
Pulp-dentin biology in restorative dentistry. Part 1: Normal structure and physiology
Mjör, Ivar A. / Sveen, Odd B. / Heyeraas, Karin J.
Page 447-455
Calcific metamorphosis: A challenge in endodontic diagnosis and treatment
Amir, Faisal A. / Gutmann, James L. / Witherspoon, D. E.
Page 457-462
Wettability of denture materials
Zissis, Alcibiades / Yannikakis, Stavros / Jagger, Robert G. / Waters, Mark G. J.
Page 463-468
tion of glass-ionomer/resin-based hybrid materials used as pit and fissure sealants
de Luca-Fraga, Lucíola Rangel / Pimenta, Luiz André Freire
Page 469-475
Oral rehabilitation of a bulimic patient: A case report
Bonilla, Esteban D. / Luna, Oscar
Page 477-481
Tongue piercing: A restorative perspective
Bassiouny, Mohamed A. / Deem, Lisa P. / Deem, Thomas E.
Page 483-494
The good practitioner: The story of Brent L. Benkelman
Rule, James T. / Bebeau, Muriel J.
Page 495
Lymphangioma (Lymphatic Malformation)
Terezhalmy, Geza T.
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