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Issue 5/2001     1. May 2001
1. May 2001
Pages: 351 - 417

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Page 365-371
Effects of drugs and systemic factors on orthodontic treatment
Tyrovola, Joanna B. / Spyropoulos, Meropi N.
Page 377-380
Use of tissue conditioner in pediatric dentistry: A clinical case report
Eduardo, Márcia Amar de Paula / Eduardo, José Virgilio de Paula / Ferreira, Sylvia Lavinia Martins
Page 381-383
Use of dental implants in children: A literature review
Percinoto, Célio / Vieira, Ana Elisa de Mello / Barbieri, Cíntia Megid / Melhado, Fabíola Lemos / Moreira, Karina Silva
Page 385-390
Effect of solvent and rewetting time on dentin adhesion
Perdigão, Jorge / Frankenberger, Roland
Page 397-400
The outcome of teeth with periapical periodontitis treated with nonsurgical endodontic treatment: A computerized morphometric study
Heling, Ilana / Bialla-Shenkman, Shlomit / Turetzky, Adi / Horwitz, Jacob / Sela, Jona
Page 401-405
Surface hardness of light-activated resin composites cured by two different visible-light sources: An in vitro study
Sharkey, Seamus / Ray, Noel / Burke, Francis / Ziada, Hassan / Hannigan, Ailish
Page 407-411
Abrasiveness of an air-powder polishing system on root surfaces in vitro
Agger, Mette S. / Hörsted-Bindslev, Preben / Hovgaard, Ole
Page 413-417
In vitro microleakage of composite restorations after nonvital bleaching
Shinohara, Mirela Sanae / Rodrigues, José Augusto / Pimenta, Luiz André Freire