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Issue 9/1999     1. Sep. 1999
1. Sep. 1999
Pages: 591 - 643

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Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome
Terezhalmy, Geza T.
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Page 591-599
A clinical, radiographic, and scanning electron microscopic evaluation of adhesive restorations on carious dentin in primary teeth
Ribeiro, Cecília C. C. / Baratieri, Luiz Narciso / Perdigão, Jorge / Baratieri, Naira M. M. / Ritter, André V.
Page 615-622
Clinical application of a fiberscope for periodontal lesions: Case reports
Ozawa, Toshiko / Tsuchida, Mami / Yamazaki, Yasushi / Arai, Takashi / Nakamura, Jiro
Page 623-628
Aerosol reduction during air polishing
Harrel, Steve K. / Barnes, James B. / Rivera-Hidalgo, Francisco
Page 629-632
Retrospective analysis of 15 cases of nasolabial cyst
Vasconcelos, Raquel França / Souza, Paulo Eduardo Alencar / Mesquita, Ricardo Alves
Page 633-636
Use of gloves and prevalence of glove-related reactions in a sample of general dental practitioners in Italy
Checchi, Luigi / Gatto, Maria Rosaria / Legnani, Pierpaolo / Pelliccioni, Gian Andrea / Bisbini, Pierluigi
Page 637-643
Incisal edge reattachment: The effect of preparation utilization and design
Worthington, Robert B. / Murchison, David F. / Vandewalle, Kraig S.