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Issue 6/1999     1. June 1999
1. June 1999
Pages: 383 - 436

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Clinical Images in Oral Medicine
Terezhalmy, Geza T.
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Page 383-392
All-ceramic posts and cores: The state of the art
Koutayas, Spiros O. / Kern, Matthias
Page 393-398
Presentation of quantitative tooth wear data to clinicians
Chadwick, Richard G. / Mitchell, Harvey L.
Page 399-403
Marshall H. Webb and extension for prevention: A literature review
Osborne, John W. / Howell, Maria Lopez
Page 405-411
A short-term clinical evaluation of a tricure glass-ionomer system as a transitional restoration and core buildup material
Wilson, Nairn H. F. / Cowan, Anthony J. / Crisp, Russell J. / Wilson, Margaret A.
Page 413-418
The effect of finishing and polishing on the decision to replace existing amalgam restorations
Cardoso, Mariane / Baratieri, Luiz Narciso / Ritter, André V.
Page 423-426
Apert syndrome: A case report with discussion of craniofacial features
Paravatty, Rajesh P. / Ahsan, Auswaf / Sebastian, Bastian T. / Pai, Keerthilatha M. / Dayal, Promod K.
Page 427-431
Effectiveness of surface protection for resin-modified glass-ionomer materials
Ribeiro, Ana Paula Granato / Serra, Mônica Campos / Paulillo, Luís Alexandre M. S. / Rodrigues Jr., Antônio Luiz
Page 432-436
Case of the month: Primary anterior tooth restoration using posts with macroretentive elements
Wanderley, Marcia Turolla / Ferreira, Sylvia Lavinia Martini / Rodrigues, Célia Regina Martins Delgado / Filho, Leonardo Eloy Rodrigues
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