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Issue 2/1990     1. Feb. 1990
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
The effect of etching on the dentin of the clinical cavity floor.
Kurosaki, Norimasa / Kubota, Minoru / Yarnamoto, Yuniiko / Fusayama, Takao
A 12-year clinical evaluation of two composite resins.
Osborne, John W. / Norman, Richard D. / GaIe, Elliot N
Microleakage and marginal placement of a glass-ionomer liner.
HoItan, James R. / Nystrorn, Gene P. / Douglas, William H. / Phelps II, Raymond A
Reasons for restoration replacement: differences in practice patterns.
Drake, Claude W. / Maryniuk, George A. / Bentley, Carolyn
Oral ulcerations.
Woods, Marjorie A. / Mohammad, Abdel R. / Turner, James E. / Mincer, Harry H