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Issue 10/1990     1. Oct. 1990
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Internal bleaching of severe tetracycline discolorations: four-year clinical evaluation.
Anitua, Eduardo / Zabalegui, Borja / Gil, Jaime / Gascon, Francisco
Nightguard vital bleaching: effects on enamel surface texture and diffusion
van Haywood, B. / Leech, Thomas / Heymann, Harald O. / Crumpler, Diane / Bruggers, Karen
Divergent post and tube and screw systems for the short crown preparation
Chiche, Gerard / Weaver, Chris / Pinault, Alain
In vitro resistance to fracture of porcelain inlays bonded to tooth
Dietschi, Didier / Maeder, Martine / Meyer, Jean-Marc / Holz, Jacques
Biologic testing and clinical trial of a visible light--curing composite resin restorative material.
Gängler, P. / Hoyer, Ingrid / Krehan, F. / Niemella, Steffi / Weinert, W.