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Issue 1/1990     1. Jan. 1990
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An esthetic, bonded inlay/onlay technique for posterior teeth.
Jackson, Ronald D. / Ferguson, Ronald W
Predicting esthetics of laminate veneers without tooth preparation.
Elledge, Dean A. / Mixsdn, James M. / Cowan, Robert D. / Horvath, Gabrielia
Measurement of fissure sealant surface area by computer.
Conry, John P. / Pintado, Maria R. / Douglas, William H.
In vitro study on the inhibiting effect of different agents on the growth of Candida albicans on acrylic resin surfaces.
Spiechowicz, Eugeniusz / Santarpia III, Ralph P. / Pollock, Jerry J. / Renner, Robert P
Fluoride release from fluoride-containing liners/bases.
McCourt, James W. / Cooley, Robert L. / Huddleston, Ann M