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Quintessence Int 49 (2018), No. 1     20. Dec. 2017
Quintessence Int 49 (2018), No. 1  (20.12.2017)

Page 49-60, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a39403

Primary burning mouth syndrome: Literature review and preliminary findings suggesting possible association with pain modulation
Nasri-Heir, Cibele / Shigdar, Diana / Alnaas, Deyaaeddin / Korczeniewska, Olga Anna / Eliav, Rotem / Heir, Gary M.
Primary burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a chronic pain of a burning quality affecting the tongue and intraoral mucosa. Currently, there are no definite diagnostic criteria; therefore, the diagnosis is made by exclusion of potential local and systemic causes that could justify the burning sensation. The etiology behind primary BMS remains unclear; however, the most acceptable theories link primary BMS with neuropathic pain. This article provides a review of primary BMS diagnosis, mechanisms, and treatment with focus on the association of BMS with pain modulation. Preliminary data are presented suggesting a link between primary BMS and a faulty inhibitory pain system.

Keywords: burning mouth syndrome, pain modulation, neuropathic pain
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