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Quintessence Int - Pre-print Artikel

Seite 25-32, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a39375, 2017-11-30, Sprache: Englisch

Association between central papilla recession and gingival and interdental smile line
Kolte, Abhay P. / Kolte, Rajashri A. / Agrawal, Anshuka A. / Shrirao, Tushar / Mankar, Kamal
Objective: Interdental soft tissues play a critical role in pink esthetics. The presence and preservation of the interdental papillae in the esthetic zone is as crucial as the shape and contour of the anterior teeth in achieving an esthetically pleasing smile. The present study determines the association of central papilla recession with gingival and interdental smile line in periodontally healthy patients of different age groups.
Method and Materials: The present study included 200 patients equally divided into 21 to 40 years and 41 to 60 years age groups. The clinical and photographic evaluation of the central papilla, with midfacial gingiva, and its relationship with the vermilion border was performed.
Results: In total, 137 patients exhibited presence of central papilla, whilst 63 patients had central papilla recession with variable extent. The male patients predominantly had presence of central papilla in both the age groups, with 86% and 64%, compared with 74% and 50% in females, respectively. High gingival smile line was seen in the majority of the patients (62%), and this trend was similar to high interdental smile line (82% of the patients).
Conclusion: Esthetics is affected in individuals having papilla recession along with high gingival smile line and interdental smile line as compared to individuals with low or cupid bow gingival smile line and interdental smile line.

Schlagwörter: central papilla, esthetics, gingival recession, gingival smile line, interdental smile line, midfacial gingiva
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