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Quintessence Int 47 (2016), No. 2     25. Jan. 2016
Quintessence Int 47 (2016), No. 2  (25.01.2016)

Page 147-150, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a34979, PubMed:26504909

Necrotizing sialometaplasia related to vomiting and silastic ring vertical gastroplasty
Rushinek, Heli / Keshet, Naama / Maly, Alex / Aframian, Doron J.
Necrotizing sialometaplasia (NS) is a self-limiting, ulcerated, benign process, affecting minor salivary glands most commonly in the palate. The comorbidity of eating disorders with NS is rare. We present a patient with bilateral NS who suffered from frequent episodes of vomiting. Review of the literature revealed a handful of such cases. The possible role of vomiting in the pathogenesis of NS is argued.

Keywords: eating disorders, necrotizing sialometaplasia, vomiting
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