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Quintessence Int 49 (2018), No. 2     11. Jan. 2018
Quintessence Int 46 (2015), No. 8  (20.07.2015)

Page 657-668, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a34396, PubMed:26185797

Clinical applications of cone beam computed tomography in endodontics: A comprehensive review
Part 2: Applications associated with advanced endodontic problems and complications
Cohenca, Nestor / Shemesh, Hagay
The use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in endodontics has been extensively reported in the literature. Compared with the traditional spiral computed tomography, limited field of view (FOV) CBCT results in a fraction of the effective absorbed dose of radiation. The purpose of this manuscript is to review the application and advantages associated with advanced endodontic problems and complications, while reducing radiation exposure during complex endodontic procedures. The benefits of the added diagnostic information provided by intraoperative CBCT images in select cases justify the risk associated with the limited level of radiation exposure.

Keywords: cone beam computed tomography, dental trauma, intraoperative, outcome, root resorption
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