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Quintessence Int 46 (2015), No. 2     12. Dec. 2014
Quintessence Int 46 (2015), No. 2  (12.12.2014)

Page 139-144, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a32824, PubMed:25279396

Connective tissue graft combined with autogenous bone graft in the treatment of peri-implant soft and hard tissue defect
Deliberador, Tatiana Miranda / Vieira, Juliana Souza / Bonacin, Rodrigo / Storrer, Carmen L. Mueller / Santos, Felipe Rychuv / Giovanini, Allan Fernando
The use of dental implants to improve functional and esthetic demands of dentition has increased significantly over the past two decades. Soft and hard tissue management is one of the factors contributing to improved esthetic results. This report describes the correction of an esthetic problem in a single implant combined connective tissue graft and autogenous bone graft. Four months after the surgical procedure, it could be observed that the combination of connective tissue graft and autogenous bone graft resulted in the augmentation of hard and soft tissue in the peri-implant area with favorable esthetic outcomes.

Keywords: autogenous bone, connective tissue, dental implants, gingival defect, stage-two surgery
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