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Quintessence Int 45 (2014), No. 2     23. Dec. 2013
Quintessence Int 45 (2014), No. 2  (23.12.2013)

Page 125-128, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31008, PubMed:24389564

A simple procedure for retrieval of a cement-retained implant-supported crown: A case report
Buzayan, Muaiyed Mahmoud / Mahmood, Wan Adida Azina Binti / Yunus, Norsiah Binti
Retrieval of cement-retained implant prostheses can be more demanding than retrieval of screw-retained prostheses. This case report describes a simple and predictable procedure to locate the abutment screw access openings of cementretained implant-supported crowns in cases of fractured ceramic veneer. A conventional periapical radiography image was captured using a digital camera, transferred to a computer, and manipulated using Microsoft Word document software to estimate the location of the abutment screw access.

Keywords: cement-retained, ceramic veneer fracture, implant-supported prosthesis
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