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Quintessence Int 45 (2014), No. 1     15. Nov. 2013
Quintessence Int 45 (2014), No. 1  (15.11.2013)

Page 23-30, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a30765, PubMed:24392492

Papilla preservation between two implants: a modified socket-shield technique to maintain the scalloped anatomy? A case report
Cherel, Fabrice / Etienne, Daniel
A scalloped anatomy maintained between two adjacent crowns supported by immediate implants is presented in this clinical case. This is a modified concept of the socket-shield technique, which allows preservation of the papilla due in part to preservation of interproximal root fragments. Clinical results at 11 months after implant placement are presented.

Keywords: implant esthetics, papilla preservation, socket shield
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