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Quintessence Int 49 (2018), No. 3     7. Feb. 2018
Quintessence Int 42 (2011), No. 7  (09.06.2011)

Page 595-599, PubMed:21716988

Pediatric obesity and periodontal disease: A systematic review of the literature
Katz, Joseph / Bimstein, Enrique
Objective: Childhood obesity is a looming epidemic affecting western society, caused by a sedentary lifestyle and high-energy diet, and is associated with a severe morbidity. Obesity in adults has been associated with increased incidence and prevalence of periodontal disease. This association is considered to be bidirectional: Not only are obese subjects prone to periodontal disease, but periodontal disease may also exacerbate dyslipidemia. The objective of this study was to review the current literature on the association between obesity and periodontal diseases in children.
Methods: Using Medline, Cochrane, and Current Contents Clinical Medicine databases, we searched the literature for articles published in the English language between 1990 and 2009. Key words used were "periodontal disease," "periodontitis," and "tooth loss," linked with "obesity," "BMI," "weight," "overweight," and "children."
Results: Only a few relevant studies have been conducted in children of specific age groups. Further studies are needed to support the hypothesis that obesity in children may be associated with increased rates of periodontal disease.
Conclusion: Since periodontal disease is a rare finding in children, general practitioners should be aware of the link among obesity, dyslipidemia, and periodontal disease.

Keywords: children, metabolic state, obesity, periodontal disease
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