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Quintessence Int 41 (2010), No. 8     27. July 2010
Quintessence Int 41 (2010), No. 8  (27.07.2010)

Page 627-630, PubMed:20657850

Dental caries in an impacted mandibular second molar: Using cone beam computed tomography to explain inconsistent clinical and radiographic findings
Cantelmi, Paul / Singer, Steven R. / Tamari, Katrin
Benefits of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) over traditional panoramic radiography for diagnosis and treatment planning have been reported. This article presents a case where CBCT was used to identify the potential route of caries infection from the oral cavity to an impacted mandibular second molar.

Keywords: caries lesion, cone beam computed tomography, impacted molar
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