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Quintessence Int 41 (2010), No. 1     7. Dec. 2009
Quintessence Int 41 (2010), No. 1  (07.12.2009)

Page 17-20, PubMed:19907728

Intraoral telangiectasias associated with Raynaud disease: A report of two cases
Philipone, Elizabeth / Yoon, Angela J. / Zegarelli, David
The finding of intraoral telangiectasias in two patients previously diagnosed with Raynaud disease is reported. Neither patient exhibited any other feature of CREST syndrome, namely, calcinosis cutis, esophageal dysfunction, or sclerodactyly. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first time intraoral telangiectasias has been reported in conjunction with Raynaud disease in the absence of any other features of CREST syndrome.

Keywords: CREST syndrome, intraoral telangiectasias, Raynaud disease
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